Applied research will serve to solve problems of a practical type. It shows them the best practices as well as the recurring challenges that other academics and professionals have experienced before them. Theoretical Implication . As adjectives the difference between theoretical and practical is that theoretical is of or relating to theory; abstract; not empirical while practical is based on practice or action rather than theory or hypothesis. In a research perspective, the job of theory is to provide interesting and perhaps promising areas to work on. Research is when you look for a specific answer but discovery is when you just get an answer without any research or clues. 1.2 Time, money and resources. Drawing out you implication Theoretical is an antonym of practical. ... 1.1 Practical issues include all of the things benefits and problems sociologists may encounter involving the logistics of the study. Theoretical studies such as reading academic papers, exploring academic research, and delving into research methods helps students learn the ins and outs of their field or specialisation. There are several differences between applied and action research. Theoretical implication on the other hand, is a newly found addition(s) to existing theories or building materials for new theories. Practical is a coordinate term of theoretical. That's the difference between research and discovery. An outline of the practical, ethical and theoretical issues that sociologists must consider when making decisions about conducting a study. Theoretical research is explanatory, and leads to the advancement of “knowledge for knowledge’s sake.” Applied research is for development purposes and seeks to solve a practical problem. articulate differences between theory, theoretical framework and a conceptual framework for a proposed research project. 1.2.1 different methods require different amounts of time to initiate.

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