3. 5 Biological Determinants of Criminality. Criminal behavior can be explained on sociological or anthropological terms or as responding to biological determinants. Up until just recently, no one has had any way or incentive to explore the genetic side of criminal behavior. Buzz-wise, this is the scientific analog of a Kardashian wedding.

Genetics And Criminal Behavior Some researchers have claimed that genetics cause criminal behavior, and that there is likely a gene that can be linked to criminals. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. For instance, criminologists and geneticists believe that individuals with very low intelligence and self-control have a high propensity to engage in criminal behavior than normal people. Raine also claims that genetics has begun to “pinpoint which specific genes promote [criminal] behavior”. Furthermore, the behavioral genetics theory posits that certain genetic traits such as impulsivity, aggression, self-control, and intelligence are risk factors for criminal behavior. Genetic researchers and critics alike agree that criminal behavior is poorly defined and socially constructed, but the views of this problem are vastly different between the two.
Rowe, David C. 1994.

Arboleda-Flórez, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001. Now that scientists have the tools and curio

Genetic plans, genetic differences, and violence: some chief possibilities Allen Gibbard-- Part II: 7.

Crime, genes, and responsibility Marcia Baron--8. Download file to see previous pages If for instance a person is proved to be genetically predisposed to criminal behaviour, they can be given intervention therapy to help them not to end up in crime.

E-mail Citation » A classic book that examines a range of biosocial factors, including neurotransmitters, genetics, and hormones, and how they are related to criminal behavior.

Whereas the critic sees this problem as "insurmountable," researchers see the … On the explanatory limits of behavioral genetics Kenneth Taylor--5. Criminal Behavior and Genetics essays Can criminal behavior be blamed on certain genes or genetic make-up? Degeneracy, criminal behavior and looping Ian Hacking--6.

Well some scientists believe so. Genetic explanations of behavior Kenneth Schaffner--4. J.E. This would be like knowing that someone is about to get some disease … This scientific theory is one of a vast amount of criminological theories that try to explain criminal behavior, causes of crime, prevention of crime, and the source of criminal activity. The psychopathology of crime: Criminal behavior as a clinical disorder.

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