The scientific investigation of LD (experience already mentioned in Antiquity) did not start before the nineteenth century (de Saint-Denys, 1867), and the use of objective methods to study LD only emerged a few decades … According to my research into lucid dreaming, there are great comparisons between actions which are performed during REM lucid dreams and those performed during wakefulness. You don't want to write a book or an encyclopedia - just a research paper! This supports the belief that actual and dreamed movements share the same neural structures. Vadim S. Rotenberg * Formerly affiliated with Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Tel-Aviv University, Bat-Yam, Israel ; Search activity (SA) is the behavioral and mental activity that is oriented to changes of the … The study comprised a UK-based online sample of 455 respondents (110 males, 345 females, Mean age = 34.46 years, SD = 15.70), who had … For people who love discussing and interpreting dreams.

The question I've sort of latched onto at the moment is: To what extent is lucid dreaming a conscious process.

What we're about . So if you'd like to experience such cool dreams for yourself, or you're simply after even more things to do in lucid dreams, try our free …

Share: About; Events; Members; Photos; Discussions; More; Request to join. The correlations used in this case include central nervous activity, time aspects and autonomous responses. In some cases, the dreamer may even gain control over a part of the dream plot and scenery. The reason you can't come up with a thesis statement is probably because you really don't have a specific facet of lucid dreaming that is suitable for a research paper. Content covered varies …

I'm writing a research paper on Lucid Dreaming, but i need a research question to answer.

Focusing on lucid dreaming, this paper examined relationships between dissociated experiences related to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (lucid dreaming, nightmares, and sleep paralysis), reality testing, and paranormal experiences/beliefs. Dream Meanings, Research and Lucid Topics. Apparently, the lucid dreamers have more activity in their frontal and temporal lobes than dreamers normally do. Also for those learning to dream walk, whether through lucid dreaming or astral projection. New Orleans, LA; 274 members; Public group? Organized by Jeff T. and 2 others. Trying to do a research paper on Lucid Dreaming is almost like trying to do a research paper on the Universe - it is that broad a subject.

Once you know how, your own inner universe of limitless fun and profound insights is opened up. IntroductionLucid dreaming (LD) is the process of being aware that one is dreaming while dreaming. Instructions: Type in some keywords and press “Search” to find previously asked questions or press the green “Ask a Question” button to enter your own new question.

But I'm open to any suggestions, My friend suggested studying emotions in a …

So if these ideas sound exciting to you, make sure you learn how to control your dreams.

Many of my 101 ideas for lucid dreams involve explicit dream control and manipulation.

This article is part of the Research Topic Brain Oscillations and Predictive ... Lucid dreams: their advantage and disadvantage in the frame of search activity concept. I then came across a …

A recent study out of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Germany measured brainwave activity during lucid dreams, and found that lucid dreaming incorporates both aspects of REM sleep, the state in which dreams usually occur, and waking consciousness.

What are some interesting progressions in the field of lucid dreaming which might be interesting to research and study.

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