business card is 0.014 inches thick. By point (pt.) This paper type is traditionally used when printing images or photographs rather than text, as it has the ability to produce brilliant colours and sharp images. Card Stock . Lining paper comes in different thickness known as ‘grades’. 1.02 - Mixed papers and board (sorted) A mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines. Paper types refers to the finish of the paper, this affects the look of the pages rather than the feel or the weight. Point refers to the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of an inch. The majority of books that you read have an uncoated finish. These can include the type of coating on the board, the amount of virgin fibres used or bulkiness of the raw material. Different types of paper have different standard uncut sizes, so a pound of one is not the same as a pound of the other. card stock is 0.010 inches thick. Uncoated. A mixture of various grades of paper and board, without restriction on short fibre content. The grades range from 800 to 2000 and vary quite a lot in thickness between the lowest to the highest grade. Some ‘DIY’ stores only stock the lower grades of lining paper, maybe up to 1200 if you’re lucky, but normally only up to 1000 grade. Paper with a silk finish has a low sheen coating. 1.01 - Mixed paper and board, unsorted, but unusable materials removed A mixture of various grades of paper and board, without restriction on short fibre content.

1.02 Mixed papers and boards (sorted) – A mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines. Gloss coated paper is more shiny and hence, can be used in making brochures and flyers. These types of paper usually come with a clay coating to create a gloss on the paper surface. Silk . Perfect for: novels, poetry books, anthologies, short stories, biographies. This produces a matte finish. The glossy surface absorbs the ink, creating much higher clarity images than you could expect from matte paper.

Although paper is not quite as extreme, variations can occur between printed jobs that use different boards that might weigh the same but that have different thicknesses. 1.03 Grey board – Printed and unprinted white lined and unlined grey board or mixed board, free from corrugated material. Brighter grades (circa 85% ISO) have been used as a part replacement in a variety of paper grades, including printings and writings (for higher opacity), in multiply boards (for higher bulk, stiffness and improved creasing properties), coated grades (for bulk). Papermaking - Papermaking - Paper grades: Bond is characterized by a degree of stiffness, durability for repeated handling and filing, resistance to the penetration and spreading of ink, bright colour, and cleanliness. A sheet of 10 pt. A 14 pt. Group 1 - Ordinary grades. Rag content bond may vary from 25 to 100 percent cotton fibre content.

There are two major types of coated papers: gloss coated paper and matt-coated paper. Types of Paper. The coating gives a shining effect and is better in holding ink as compare to uncoated paper. There are two groups of bond papers: rag content pulp and chemical wood pulp.

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